Alesana Lyrics
 Catharsis  ()  (506 views)
 Comedy of Errors  ()  (609 views)
 Fatal Optimist  ()  (504 views)
 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night  ()  (500 views)
 Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen  ()  (413 views)
 Paradox  ()  (468 views)
 The Acolyte  ()  (550 views)
 The Goddess  ()  (488 views)
 The Martyr  ()  (470 views)
 The Puppeteer  ()  (518 views)  
 Through the Eyes of Uriel  ()  (417 views)

formed in: 2004
Alesana is an American melodic metalcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Formed in 2004, the group is currently signed to Revival Recordings and Artery Recordings and have released two EP's and four full-length studio albums. The band gained a wide audience after their debut, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax was released, featuring a musical style shifting between light and heavy sounds along with a wide influence ranging to even classic rock bands such as The Beatles. Their band name is derived from street named Aliceanna St., which is located in Baltimore where the group originated.
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