Ciara Lyrics
 All Good  ()  (459 views)
 Dance Like We’re Making Love  ()  (398 views)
 Fly  ()  (488 views)
 Give Me Love  ()  (459 views)
 I Bet  ()  (458 views)
 I Got You  ()  (482 views)
 Jackie (B.M.F.)  ()  (459 views)
 Kiss & Tell  ()  (434 views)
 Lullaby  ()  (462 views)
 One Woman Army  ()  (459 views)  
 Only One  ()  (446 views)
 Stuck on You  ()  (440 views)
 That’s How I’m Feelin’  ()  (446 views)

born in: 25-Oct-1985
Ciara Princess Harris, known mononymously as Ciara, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and fashion model. Born in Austin, Texas, she traveled around the world during her childhood, eventually moving to Atlanta, Georgia where she joined the girl group Hearsay; however, the group disbanded after having differences. It was at this time Ciara was noticed for her songwriting. In 2002, Ciara met music producer Jazze Pha. With his help, she signed a record deal with LaFace Records.
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