Devin Dawson Lyrics
 All On Me  ()  (99 views)  
 Asking For A Friend  ()  (92 views)  
 Dark Horse  ()  (109 views)  
 Dip  ()  (100 views)  
 I Can’t Trust Myself  ()  (93 views)  
 I Don’t Care Who Sees  ()  (90 views)  
 Placebo  ()  (98 views)  
 Prison  ()  (101 views)  
 Second To Last  ()  (100 views)  
 Secondhand Hurt  ()  (97 views)  
 Symptoms  ()  (99 views)  
 War Paint  ()  (100 views)  

Devin Dawson
born in: 30-Jan-1989
Devin Dawson is an American country music singer-songwriter. He became famous after filming a mashup of Taylor Swift songs with his fellow friend Louisa Wendorff on her YouTube channel, which gained popularity on YouTube. His debut single "All on Me" is also his first hit song. With the help of producer Jay Joyce, he signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2017. Dawson's "All on Me" has charted on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts.
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