Franz Ferdinand Lyrics
 Always Ascending  ()  (31 views)  
 Feel The Love Go  ()  (30 views)  
 Finally  ()  (33 views)  
 Glimpse Of Love  ()  (30 views)  
 Huck And Jim  ()  (29 views)  
 Lazy Boy  ()  (33 views)  
 Lois Lane  ()  (32 views)  
 Paper Cages  ()  (33 views)  
 Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow  ()  (33 views)  
 The Academy Award  ()  (33 views)  

Franz Ferdinand
formed in: 2002
Franz Ferdinand are a Scottish indie rock band, formed in 2002 and based in Glasgow. The band's original lineup was composed of Alex Kapranos (lead vocals and guitar, keyboard), Nick McCarthy (rhythm guitar, keyboards and backing vocals), Bob Hardy (bass guitar), and Paul Thomson (drums, percussion and backing vocals).
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