Steffany Gretzinger Lyrics
 All That Lives Forever  ()  (43 views)  
 Blackout  ()  (47 views)  
 Bright Ones  ()  (43 views)  
 Confident  ()  (46 views)  
 Dust  ()  (43 views)  
 Forever Amen (Interlude)  ()  (50 views)  
 Open Over Us  ()  (44 views)  
 Oxygen  ()  (46 views)  
 Save Me  ()  (42 views)  
 Sing My Way Back  ()  (42 views)  
 Tell Me The Truth  ()  (40 views)  
 This Is The Sound  ()  (41 views)  

Steffany Gretzinger
born in: 08-Nov-1984
Steffany Gretzinger is a Christian music singer-songwriter and ensemble vocalist with Bethel Music, In Redding California. She released her first solo album, The Undoing, with Bethel Music in 2014. The album was a Billboard magazine breakthrough release, reaching number twenty in the magazine's Billboard 200, and also gained top five status among Christian and independent albums in September 2014.
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