Chris Lane Lyrics
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 All The Right Problems  ()  (114 views)  
 Bad Girl  ()  (138 views)
 Drunk People  ()  (131 views)  
 Fishin’  ()  (141 views)  
 Hero  ()  (159 views)  
 I Don’t Know About You  ()  (276 views)  
 Laps Around The Sun  ()  (122 views)  
 Life Goes On  ()  (154 views)
 New Phone, Who’s This  ()  (131 views)
 Number One  ()  (128 views)
 Old Flame  ()  (158 views)  
 Sun Kiss You  ()  (139 views)  
 Take Back Home Girl  ()  (137 views)  
 Without You  ()  (148 views)  

Chris Lane Lyrics
Chris Lane

born in: November 9, 1984
Christopher Eric Lane is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has released one album as frontman of the Chris Lane Band and a second album, Girl Problems, and a third album, Laps Around the Sun. via Big Loud Records. Lane has charted four singles on Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay, including the No. 1 "Fix".
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