Lukas Graham Lyrics
 Everything That Isn’t Me  ()  (116 views)  
 Hold My Hand  ()  (91 views)  
 Love Someone  ()  (95 views)  
 Lullaby  ()  (79 views)  
 Not A Damn Thing Changed  ()  (102 views)  
 Promise  ()  (93 views)  
 Say Yes (Church Ballad)  ()  (88 views)  
 Stick Around  ()  (110 views)  
 Unhappy  ()  (100 views)  
 You’re Not The Only One  ()  (93 views)  

Lukas Graham Lyrics
Lukas Graham

born in: September 18, 1988
Lukas Graham is a Danish pop and soul band. It consists of lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer, drummer Mark Falgren, and bassist Magnus Larsson. The band released their first album, Lukas Graham, with labels Copenhagen Records and Then We Take the World in 2012. The album peaked at number one on the Danish charts.
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