Richard Ashcroft Lyrics
 A Man In Motion  ()  (83 views)  
 All My Dreams  ()  (74 views)  
 Birds Fly  ()  (134 views)  
 Born To Be Strangers  ()  (72 views)  
 Money Money  ()  (84 views)  
 Streets Of Amsterdam  ()  (74 views)  
 Surprised By The Joy  ()  (69 views)  
 That’s How Strong  ()  (205 views)  
 That’s When I Feel It  ()  (63 views)  
 We All Bleed  ()  (68 views)  

Richard Ashcroft Lyrics
Richard Ashcroft
born in: September 11, 1971
Richard Paul Ashcroft is an English singer and songwriter. He was the lead singer and occasional rhythm guitarist of the alternative rock band The Verve from their formation in 1990 until their original split in 1999. He became a successful solo artist in his own right, releasing three UK top three solo albums.
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