Balthazar – Fewer (new album)


album: Fewer
date: January 25, 2019

Balthazar is a Belgian quintet from Ghent. ‘Fever’ will be their fourth album after Applause (2010), Rats (2012) and Thin Walls (2015), which received critical acclaim. This will be the last record with performances from Patricia Vanneste, the violin player of Balthazar. This will be their first album after their hiatus. During this pause every bandmember had his own solo project; Maarten Devoldere as Warhaus, Jinte Deprez as J. Bernardt, Simon Casier as Zimmerman and the lesser known project of drummer Michiel Balcaen called Rosenahl. ‘Fever’ will be released January 25th, 2019.

1- Fewer
2- Changes
3- Wrong Faces
4- Whatchu Doin'
5- Phone Number
6- Entertainment
7- I'm Never Gonna Let You Down Again
8- Grapefruit
9- Wrong Vibration
10- Roller Coaster
11- You're So Real
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