All Our Songs


You can see right into my mind,
If I can keep it together
Someone’s gotta look for you to find,
It’s all out there somewhere
And all our songs,
Back before I even remember
I like all those old songs
Sound like the’ve been here forever

Ah, when it’s over, then it’s over
Or so they say we’ve been over this and we know that there’s no other way
And it’s so hard to tell the face that never rang a bell
It’s like a light bulb went out in my head
And now we settle for this complicated metaphor
And leave the simple truth unsaid

ll night we listened to their second record
It had all these songs
Sounded like we’re in this together
And I found a place
Where I know I’ll always be tethered
And I knew when I woke up
Rock and roll will be here forever

Form a cloud,
make all of your particles seperate and get together
Rain on down,
show everybody what it means to get wet
Let’s take down all the umbrellas
of all of our enemies
I’ll be fine,
in Idaho, America in the 21st century

Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m sure I’ll be alright
I’m sure I’ll be alright
I’m sure that I’ll be alright
but I don’t know
I don’t know

Oh, I’m sure, that I’ll be alright,
but I don’t know,
I don’t know

I’m sure that you can smell the spider
But did you know that thing was in your face?

I’m sure that you can smell the spider
But did you know that thing was in your face?

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