Buck Wild


[Verse: ​uMaNg]
When uMaNg enter the cypher its definitely destined to live
In the record its rhymes is respected by rivals
Theres steps to decipher this reckless reminder discretions advised
If you question your lines while you mess with the mic
Well then get behind us

[Verse: ​uMaNg]
Been starin at the sun so long i see shades of orange
Hood citation I could shake your organs
Break your ankles on hardwood
You could have a Gordon Hayward moment
You will never have a name that launches
Forever in the basement, gorging
Whenever you would crave proportions
Expecting me to take precautions
For a play that would change the program

[Verse: Zac Ivie]
Product of this
Product of that
Don’t fall for the cheese
Get caught with the rat
No pop when i snap
Go off on the track
Like ya’ll ain’t know
That sauce in the back
That wars in Iraq
So off in the back
My coat gonna shine
Like a boss in the lap
Far from the back
Watch it collapse
No shot got made
If you knockout the
Chances to do it
Like i do it
This the movement
Keep it fluid
Pushing through it
Like he knew it
If he knew it
He gon’ prove it
He gon’ prove it
Watch him wreck it
Make him move it
Any second check the record
Check the record
Check the record now

[Verse: James the Mormon]
I run the valley like I’m Silicon, cut you off umbilical
Cross you up before I shoot my shot and break your ankle bones
I ain’t got no competition all I see is stepping stones
Let you keep it clean and get your fix like methadone
Said I’m not a rapper but i still got ish to prove, yuh
Hit that #1 and hit dem folks up on them dudes, yuh
Stay up in the sauce but you can’t forget the juice, yuh
Soulja Boy’ll tell them – crank that back now watch me yuuuuuuu

[Verse: Rhyme Time]
About to set that precedence
Call me Scott the feminist
Call me Scott the atheist
Don’t call me Mr. Best At This
I never realized until the day Selena died
That I had missed the opportunity to see Selena live
If I drop weight I’m Seth Rogen
If I stay big I’m Jonah Hill
With the mic skills in a minefield
I’m blowing up
Gettin old, no sorry thats a no-go
Imma be a kid forever like El Chavo del Ocho

[Verse: Eddington]
Now I ain’t got much time
Cuz I been feeding my daughter
With a this and with an other
Too busy being a father
Below the Mason Dixon line
So thats now I was brought up
Can be a courteous and kind
But that line get never bothered
You take my kindness for weakness
The truth on the mic I speak it
Askew my name for reason
They say seein’ is believin’
Do it because I breathe it
Like it love it or leave it
E-D-D-I-N-G-T-O-N I’m so intriguing, go

[Verse: Shelbadine]
Its the baddest competitor
I’m sweating you in your best sweater
I’m best. Better than that. Done. Period
Time goes by another second deceased
We’re using weapons as protection just to battle MCs
This life is such a strange world
Mixed up in Wayne’s World
Scratchin wax off the needle just to see them things curl
You try and touch me? man I leave your body motionless
Poked and then soaked in this game I’m living in

[Verse: Dblacc]
Imma be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper
No ghostwrite, where is Casper
Kill the beat and I save you after
We’re done. Lets close that chapter
Sit back, cuz the beat got kidnapped
Then I break it off better than a Kit-Kat
Make a little noise, I’m a big snack
Great dane and they are knick knacks
Cat-like switch it up, you see my versatility
This ain’t about my street swag, more like thugability
Yeah, dropped the tape and it did numbers
Flowing lightning, bars are thunder
Superman, ya’ll Boy Wonder
Thought the _ would be six feet under

[Verse: Underground Ambitionz]
I’m trynna pack all these arenas
While avoiding the hyenas
My team beast I’m talking savage
Boy just look at my demeaner
Got a girl man she Latina
I don’t talk much no subpoena
And, must I remind you
We got that sauce like Valentina

[Verse: Underground Ambitionz]
They be sleeping on us, its time to wake
Time is ticking by the detonate
You ain’t working know we never stoppin
This the only option ain’t no other way
RT and The Lake too, together something you can’t do
Everybody wanna be the greatest
When you coming up and they gonna hate you, brrrah

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