Bye Bye Blackbird


Pack up all my cares and woe
here I go, swinging low
Bye bye, blackbird

Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody
Waits for me
Sugar’s sweet, so is she
Deedly bop, deedly bop, deedly bop, blackbird

No, no, no, no, no one can understand me
What a hard luck story they wanna hand me
Climb the stairs, light the light
I’ll arrive late tonight
Blackbird, bye, bye, bye, bye

Packed up all
Cares and woes
There we go, there we go, swinging low
Bye, bye, blackbird
Cause somebody waits for me
Sugar is sweet, so is she
My, my blackbird

No one here will understand me
Everyone, hard luck stories, they all wanna hand me
Make my bed, light the light
I’ll arrive late tonight
Bye, bye…
Blackbird, blackbird
Say goodbye!

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