[Verse 1]
Anchored to the bottom, you can see the current
Situation bending in and out of focus

[Verse 2]
Floating to the surface, you can see much higher
Quality arrangements of the constellations

[Chorus 1]
Stranded and broken
Another day where everything’s turning inside out
We went too far the other way
We’ll never get home

[Verse 3]
Sail into the shoreline
Occupy the picture
Perfect combinations in the grains of sand

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
Holograms cutting through the lines
March in 4/4 time
Hollow shells
Stuttering, convalescent hands
Obvious in what they desire
What does deep midnight’s voice contend
Deeper than day can comprehend?
Accelerated fall
An orbital sprawl expanded and swollen

A catalogue of the passages never seen
Apprehending the instances there have been
Weighing out the occurrences guaranteed
Overlooking the idiosyncrasy

[Chorus 2]

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