Fear Hate Love


Take me way, back, back in the day
My father was a fuck up, absolutely insane
Walked out the door, straight out of my life
And he stole my innocence like a thief in the night
I had a handful of cards stacked against me
Mom was blacked out, I couldn’t tell if she left me
I gave up cause I didn’t have a family
I fell hard with a body that attracts me
Somebody catch me

(Fear) I’m hopeless
(Hate) I’m helpless
(Love) I’m powerless
Gotta get out of this
(Fear) no choice in
(Hate) this crisis
(Love) its hard and I’m so sick of this
Why did you abandon me?
How could you just walk away?
(Fear) I’m hopeless
(Hate) I’m helpless
(Love) I’m powerless
Gotta get out of this

Now I’m out here, walking in the streets
I’m a fatherless child, I’m a social disease
There’s no love living in broken home
I never ever thought I have to live it alone
And then I talk to God, said I was empty
How could anybody ever possibly love me
I know that it hurts at the minute
It’ll drag you to hell if you let it
Drag you to hell if you let it [2x]

I lost my innocence
You tried to take my home, you dried to take me down
I’ve found myself again
No you can’t take my heart
No you can’t take me down
Cause karma goes around


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