Five Foot Ten (I)


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You said I’m wrong and that I’m 5 foot 10
Darling what’d you do to me? You’re living in my head
I’m not as strong as I was way back then
So I’m guarding all my history, no it won’t come up again

I wanna be alone
I wanna be alone
I wanna be alone
I wanna be alone

All alone, I wanna be
All alone, the two of us
All alone, I wanna be
All alone, alone with you
I wanna be alone
I wanna be alone
I wanna be alone

Let’s play a game that what we thought we knew
Well aren’t you also proud of me? Have you seen all I can do?
Okay I’m learning what I’m saying’s not true
But all this generosity, and now, well, you’re confused



Sometimes, summer in our second home
I remember moments as if set in stone
I can see you yelling and you throwing your rings at me
Well I never stopped trying to be better than that
And I’m getting so close to where I wanna be at
You can depend on me, you can rely on me
But every once in a while I’d rather be


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