Lights Go Out


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When the lights go out it’s gonna be me and you
When the lights go out it’s gonna be me and you, me and you
Standing face to face in the darkness
Hanging from the stars without a harness
When the lights go out it’s gonna be me and you
Me and you, me and you

When I say I’d die for Cece
They don’t see what I see
My queen in Queens
Waiting for her prince Akeem
All I do is for Cece
It’s all of my L.O.V.E
With her I’ll never fail
I promise you feels like P.E
Every line on my E.P. from the mixtapes, singles to C.D.’s
Pray to God she’d see me making sure that she’s eating
Highlights me when I’m weak
Highlight of my weekends I need her
Wanna hear her singing in harmonies she’s completing
Get depleted
You can take my money, give it all to be with her
When she’s under fire, I’ma be in the hot seat with her
Her problems are my problems I wanna weep with her
Every time that doctor pulls the plug I’m gonna sing to her

It’s funny how the safest can
Be the most dangerous
Those you love the most can cause you to feel so much hatred
I know you know you I know you know me I am not a stranger
You got me all in my tears was just trying to help the situation
Hurt me more than my enemies ever could but I take it
Leaving no never I never would oh my heart is breaking
Heard you been vacant
When your husband’s out on vacation
Your doctrine’s changing, hating darker parts of your body that’s self hatred
I know your past ain’t pretty, so much you ashamed of
Uh, but your husband made a payment
I will protect you til the day you step into Heaven’s pavement
We live together, die together, forever singing

Only be me and you
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Tomorrow til eternity
I in you, and you in me
All I got, give me all you got
Everything you are, everything you’re not
Give me all you got
Give me all you got
Everything you are, everything you’re not

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