Man Of 1000 Tics


I’ll interrupt you again and again
I’ll imitate and mimic your accent
When playing games I have just got to win
I can name every street in Berlin… at least well-nigh

I’m the man of a thousand tics
You never know what I’ll pull out of my bag of tricks
I’m not sure where it’s coming from
All I know is that it sure makes me look dumb
Be aware for what I have in store
Be aware from where it’s coming there’s coming more
I’m the man of a thousand tics
I’m in a state where I just cannot be fixed

I’ve got the jitters and the shifty eyes
I’m making sounds without knowing why
I can’t tell how I got these symptoms
If it’s lead singer or maybe tourettes syndrome… it won’t let go.

Environmental or genetic cause?
Just want to know the nature of these flaws
Can it be a combination of them both?
I’m kind of worried about it’s rate of growth
Oh, doc find me a cure somehow
For this chemical imbalance now
I know these complex tics
Are too heavy for an easy fix

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