Longe da vista longe da mão
Longe de tudo mas perto do coração

When the sun rises in East Timor
There is pain and fear behind each door
The streets are watched by M 16’s
Aiming at the hearts aiming at the dreams
Of Maubere people

Hold on proud Maubere
You’re not alone so don’t despair
Hope is older than you and me
Sooner or late you will be free

When the sun sets in western homes
Your Holly Mary prayer disturbs eyes and ears
The TV sets are smeared with blood
And washed in your tears
Maubere people

Fight back brave Maubere
Someone cares for you so don’t despair
Hope is older than you and me
Sooner or later you will be free

But I wonder still how many have to die
Under prayers and cries
Till the world won’t close its eyes
Who knows who can tell?
Ambush on the hills
Ambush everywhere
Fight back Maubre
They may tie up your hands
And blind you with a blind fold
They may shoot your body
And dump you in a hole
They may put you chains
But they can’t chain you soul

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