On the Island


We Booked a
Seven day
Cruise on our
Summer vacation
Ended up lost
In this Island nation
Saturday morning
A walk in the sand
The rhythmic beat
Of this tropical band

On the Island
We’ll be wasting our time
(Wasting our time)
On the Island
I’ll be feelin just fine

We’ve got a little hip shack
And late with the rent
We bought a color TV
With the money you sent
A cigarette burn
On the living room table
No food, no pets
No premium cable

On the Island
With a drink in my hand
(Drink in my hand)
On the Island
And a bucket of sand
Doo Doo Doo

On the Island
I’ll be thinking of you
(Thinking of You)
On the Island
There’s really nothing to do

On the Island
We’ll be taking it slow
(We’ll be taking it slow)
Cause on the Island
There’s really no place to go

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