I was raised in a house with a dark cloud over it
I just wanted to get out and see the sun again
But no matter where I went, it followed me around
I guess it’s just my luck, forever

So I pray for the day that the rain will come and wash away
All the pain that I face
It’s getting way too hard to take
I’ll run away, run away, run away
It’s getting way too hard to take
I’ll run away

It’s always me versus myself and it’s always in my mind
And the saddest part of all is knowing it won’t die
I have gotten close with pain like a blade across my skin
But the scars, they still remain forever


My past seems to haunt me
My future is blurry
My addictions, they taught me
No matter what happens but I’m not sorry for the things I’ve done
They made me the person I am now
It made me the person I am now

[Chorus 2x]

But I’m not sorry
But I’m not sorry

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