Something New


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Please don’t talk about me with all your friends

(Stuff that big, bottomless cup in my hand)
I’ll never leave you
(Fill up this riddled with curses, old man)
So easy to say
(Acting like enemies, out of my way)
I never loved you
(Still won’t break up with the things I have made)
Stay the hell out of my way

Sick of being on my game
And understated
Wanna throw it all away
And open up with something new
Taken all that I can take
I’m gonna make it
Wanna throw it all away
And open up with something new, brand new

That’s it, it’s over, I’m done
Give me the keys to the car
I’ll put the pedal to the metal as you’re falling apart
And I don’t wanna see the phoney look on your face
I should have never fallen for it in the first place
Touch me, fool me, tame me, make me all about it
Then I bleed, you scream, shame me, I’ll leave, over-dramatic

(Nah, I don’t do that anymore)
(No people, just places I adore)
(Too fed, I lost the feeling)
(Leave it alone, I’m asleep, so I’m healing)
(All great things have battle scars)
(You wanna swap this belief with a greater art?)
(My flesh has only grown into a mattress fit for mounting)

(I’ve faced this allergy; it won’t go away)
(Upgraded salary, employment virus aid)
(I faced this allergy; it’s everything I thought that I could fake)

I’ll live in the moment; you gave me a reason
Then I fell asleep in the bathroom
Mixing magic potions, looking for a meaning
To get myself out of this costume
Sick and tired of counting bubbles in the ceiling
Feel like a prisoner in my head
I was only trying to forget the feeling I get when I think of you

Oh, beautiful and tragic
Oh, beautiful and tragic

(I see me riding off, off through the clouds)
(I see me riding off, off to the bitter end)
(I see me riding off, off through the clouds)
(I see me writing off, off all my bitter ends)

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