The Bloom (AG3)


Good morning, baby
I thank God I’m alive to greet you with the sun
She is but a flower, and I love her cause she–
And we both agree this rap shit is all me
But the seed of this beautiful world is ours
My black mind, dream big and follow through even bigger
15 years of slavery for you lady
I put in work to be your nigga
May the sun kiss you, unconditional
I pray each and every lyric get to you
On this third rendition
For you and your ambition both, bloom

[Hook – Stokley Williams:]
Baby, let your hair down, let it loose
There’s no need to be scared now, cause I’m with you
And there’s no judgement here, love, you are free
To be as wild and crazy as you wanna be
So baby let me see you bloom for me

To whom it may concern
Let me thank your mom for the beauty you inherited
Let me call her up and be like, “Excuse me Mrs. Um…
You don’t know me, but…
Thank you for your flower, but I’m tryna be your sun”
Now wait, wait, I know what you’re ’bout to say
Male entertainers entertain everything
But that ain’t the case, let me put it this way:
If I’m tryna see you bloom, why would I do it with shade?
Don’t play, uh, nah I won’t stay long
The pollution that you use to I illuminate such
Beautiful the evolution of your bud
Remove your make-up I need that human nature
Look, me and you just ain’t enough
We fruitful as youth let’s accumulate some
Tell me ’bout your roots, and how you’ve came up
I call you my flower, cause you’re my boo
K? Good!


(Be my flower, I’ll be your sun)
Let me see you bloom for me

Just let me hold you in a dark place
And when it’s cold let me warm thee
I know we both come from hard times
Cause I’m aroused you a rose of the concrete
Thorns on fleek
Study and I go on three, I can hit quick or chill and give you energy
Fresh out of college and they sweat you, now you got degrees
Busy to follow me i’m tryna pollinate so won’t you holla when it’s gotta be
Honey, sweet thing, let’s get into it, we can do whatever
Be it intellect or intimate, levitate your habitat, just know who you dealin’ with
This sort of photosynthesis don’t show up with the filter in ya
Love, me and you just ain’t enough, we fruitful as youth let’s accumulate some
Tell me ’bout your roots, and how you’ve came up
I call you my flower, cause you my boo, k? good!


You don’t have to worry about comfort, I’m the safest place that you wanna be
No longer do you have to wonder, just open up and spread your wings
Eh oh baby, won’t you (bloom bloom)
Eh baby, won’t you [x4]

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