What You Keep Alive


You should be afraid of me
Pain is the promise I will keep
I am the whisper in the dark
I am the scream where you fall

And you will fear me!
And I will bring the pain you gave!

You keep me alive!
You need me inside!

You picked me up
You watched me shine
Like the razor in your hand
And when I cut beneath your skin
You wanted all again
I am the call in the night
I am the truth behind your lie

You keep me alive!
You need me inside!
I’m what you keep alive!

Turning the knife is turning out
I can’t pay this ransom
Does any hope remain?
I love my enemy
I can feel you in my veins
Now I’m letting go
Watch you suffocate

Waking, the nightmare it’s over
I’ll fight you, your darkness feeding
I keep you alive
I left a knife
Now you can escape
You will feel the pain

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